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Britt Dolbeck
CF Level 1 Cert
crossFit Kids Cert

I have always loved sports and fitness.  I was one of those kids who played something every season.  Volleyball, basketball, swam, ice skated, and ran track and field.  I loved being on teams and love competition.
     Fast forward to being married and supporting my military husband and raising three amazing kids.   We have lived in California, Canada, Rhode Island, Illinois, Alaska, Hawaii and now Maryland.  When my youngest daughter was 3, I decided it was time for me to pursue my passion in fitness.   While living in Alaska, I met an amazing group of women runners.  The gym and running became my haven.  I knew what I wanted to do and it was to help people look and feel their best. 
     I became a personal trainer through ACE in 2009 and began distance running.  Through training for various ½ Marathons and Marathons I found the mind body connection is so powerful.  Your mind can push you forward or hold you back.  To date I have run 6 Marathons and 9 ½ marathons.  As you can imagine, all the running and training began to take its toll without solid strength training behind it.  I began to have injuries and knew I needed something more. 
     In February 2012 I took my first Crossfit class and was hooked.  I loved everything about it, the competition, the workouts and especially the community.  I was crossfitting for a little over a year when an opportunity arose to start coaching with Crossfit Oahu.  I coached for them from until moving to Maryland.  I have my Crossfit Level 1 Certification and also Crossfit Kids cert.   I have a passion for coaching and helping others be better than they were yesterday.  There is nothing more rewarding than to help someone else see the potential you see in them!  This is a great community that Crossfit Iniquus has brought together and I love being part of this box!