April 2-26th, Tues, Thurs, Fri @ 7am

April 2-26th, Tues, Thurs, Fri @ 7am


Law, Fire, and First Responder Fitness

Attention First Responders! We know that you put your lives on the line every day to keep other’s lives safe and save lives in your communities. This means your body has to be ready, at a moments notice, to handle the demands of your job. If you are preparing for a physical agility test to become a first responder, or you an active first responder, we want to help get you and keep you fit for duty. We have some amazing coaches ready to help you prepare for and pass your physical training test as well as develop your strength and conditioning regiment like you never thought possible and move confidently towards passing your PAT or tackling the physical demands of your job! Our number one goal is YOUR success! You save and protect lives—Physical fitness is vital to your success. We are here to help keep you in the best shape of your lives so you can focus on saving and protecting others when the unexpected arises.

Our focus is on the following:

• High relative strength
• High work capacity for short/intense events
• Power for fast, explosive movements
• Speed for short to moderate distance sprints
• Upper body power, mass, and strength for suspect handling and intimidation
• Grip Strength
• Durability for a long career

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First Responder Class Times:

April 2nd-26th

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 7am

Class is 1 hour.